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Red Deer, Potatoes, Parsnips & Wild Berries

Red Deer, Potatoes, Parsnips & Wild Berries

Red Deer, Potatoes, Parsnips & Wild Berries

MeatLove make sure that only high-quality fresh meat ingredients (such as musclemeat, heart, liver, rumen) are processed.

All utilised plant products (such as rice, amaranth, brown millet, potatoes, vegetables) must be regarded as very nutrient-rich and except for one variety are always gluten-free.

In all MeatLove wet food menus, at least 80% fresh meat is processed and supplemented with fresh vegetables or gluten-free carbohydrates.

  • 100% Natural Complete Food with 80% Fresh Meat
  • 100% gluten-free
  • Single protein
  • 100% red deer
  • Cereal Free

80% red deer (composed of 70% deer meat and deer heart, 20% deer lung, 10% deer liver), 10% potatoes, 5% parsnips, 3% wild berries and 2% eggshell powder from food production
Analytical constituents
Crude protein 12,8%, crude fat 5,3%, crude ash 1,9%, crude fibre 0,5%, moisture 77,1%
Energetic feed value
522 kJ/100g (124 kcal)
Ca = 0,19%, P = 0,15%
Only roe-deer and red deer are used as meat. The lowest possible starch proportion has been ensured with this recipe.